Monday, June 28, 2010

a perfect start to the week

I have to say it was a perfect morning...I was up, organised and had no plans in place for our day. Perfect really, as it was only 10 degrees outside the heater was on and it was to cold to think about heading out anywhere!!! So playing and taking photographs of my son (the perfect subject)was the order of the day. We really just had a lazy old morning eating fruit toast, playing with his boules and snuggling on the sofa with his favorite books. Perfect!

For me this blog is about capturing and remembering all the everyday things that we do together. Our little adventures that mean so much, and that I as a mum am so very lucky to be apart of everyday. For me my baby boy is truly the best company (not to say I don't love the time I have with my husband, family and friends) I do...but with my son I love the little things, the simple things. Watching him play and dance, the little look on his face when he discovers something for his sand bucket as he explores in the garden, the way he runs on the field near our house kicking his favorite ball, his soft touch as he curls up tight next to me and whispers "kiss me, cuddle me mummy",the excitement on his face or in his little voice when the phone rings, the skype button sounds or when a family member walks into the house.

He has such a beautiful spirit and for for this I am so very lucky.

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