Wednesday, July 21, 2010

At our beach, at our magic beach, we will walk when it's cloudy & grey, looking for driftwood, feathers & shells washed up on the edge of the bay... Magic Beach - Alison Lester

It is with much excitement I write this post. My two beautiful nephews who are currently living overseas arrive home today for a whole six weeks!!! I was inspired by their return home to put together a quick mummy craft post. At Easter we enjoyed a family holiday at the beach with my nephews and little one...while at the beach we collected lot's of different shells and had fun decorating sandcastles. I have placed 3 little shells (one for each child) into a memory box and written "our beach holiday" Easter 2010. It is a little reminder of our perfect beach holiday with three beautiful little boys. {you can see the little memory box on the shelf which hangs in my son's bedroom} A while ago we also threaded shells onto twine...we made these necklaces for some of our little friends as gifts and to hang on hooks around our house.

*The little wooden memory box was purchased at Riot craft supplies and I used super glue to hold the shells in place. I used a little white paint and water to soften the frame - I would normally use all white frames from Ikea {I felt this little memory box needed to be kept natural to tie in with the shells}
Have a beautiful day...


Loppe said...

Love your memorybox and your beach.
Thanx for your comment :oD

Big hug

Kristi said...

i am coveting that anchor jumper.

Jen said...

Hi Sarah, I've just come across to visit you. Your blog is just beautiful, and your little one is gorgeous. You've put a smile on my face this morning, and I've decided we're going to rug up and head off to the park for some giggles and smiles. Have a lovely weekend.