Saturday, August 7, 2010

This one's for the girls...hello kitty!

My gorgeous friend from Sydney held her daughters 4th birthday party today. I opened my inbox and could not believe the cuteness and creativeness of this very fun Hello Kitty party. When we received our invitation in the post: handmade with little red and white fabric bunting as the eye catching feature, i knew it would be creative...and I know how much the girls love to bake and create in the kitchen. My favorite addition to the table setting is the ginger cookies hanging from the twigs. Denise told me she placed little scissors on the tree for the guests to snip the ribbon and nibble the cookies as they wished. I am now feeling totally inspired by this party and so looking forward to putting the finishing touches on my son's 2nd birthday party that we will enjoy with our family next Sunday. Enjoy and a very special Happy Birthday Miss E x


Kristi said...

i am totally going to use that gingerbread tree idea. hope she doesn't mind.

Anonymous said...

My little girl (3) adores Hello Kitty. This is fun.