Wednesday, July 7, 2010

food for the soul...

Nothing better than home made chicken and sweetcorn soup on a cold winters evening and perfect for one little boy sick with sore ears. So a chicken soup was on the to do list today. I just made up my recipe with ingredients that I already had in the refrigerator.

Our made up Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup goes like this:

1 large leek
2 big blobs of butter
1 small red onion
1 large chicken breast
a little red capscan
a little zucchini
2 corn cobs
Chicken stock

In one large pot sauté the butter and leeks gently with a little fresh garlic.
Once browned add the corn (removed from the cob) and add 2 cups of chicken stock and allow to boil. In a separate saucepan add chicken breast to boiling stock and allow to poach for a couple of minutes in the stock and red onion. Once this was underway I used my hand blender to roughly blend the corn and leek broth. Once the corn and leek was a little smoother I added a handful of zucchini and capsican for colour and goodness.

Once the chicken had been poached and cooled a little I shredded the chicken and place it back into the larger pot along with some of the chicken broth.

I continued to stir and cook for a couple of minutes, just before serving to the 2 hungry boys in my house I placed some Chinese noodles and a handful of flat leaf parsley into the pot.
{I also used some chilli flakes in my husbands bowl - along with a little salt and pepper to taste}
A quick and easy meal and can be adapted with other ingredients, enjoy!


Laura said...

Looks very yummy will have to try this one!

Kristi said...

hope the little feels better. this is such a lovely blog you have here, and thank you for kind words over on my blog.

ps. i love your header photo.