Tuesday, May 31, 2011

local charm and produce . . .

 . . . sunday . . .
 just the 2 of us and of course the "big belly" slowly exploring and negotiating our way around our
local organic markets.
our recent farm visit has inspired our little family to enjoy more of the 
fresh produce at our city farm. 

a basket or oranges, banana's and a bunch of kale purchased.
 herbs and fruit trees inspected and of course chickens to visit and chat with.

home to bake apple and cinnamon muffins . . . 
snuggled in for books and we slept the afternoon away . . . just what we needed really!

we made these with our fresh kale. you can't just stop at one, two or three. yum!


Catherine said...

I've never been to an organic market, sounds like a lovely way to spend the morning together and all the yummy produce to cook with sounds soo good. I hope you are keeping well. xo

Daydream Living said...

Glad to read you are enjoying yourself with your little man and the baby, still warm inside, take care Sarah,
hugs, Maureen

denise said...

I will definitely try this kale chip recipe! Yum! How cute is your little man peering into the colourful vegetable garden in that snuggable outfit! The colours in your rooster photo are vibrant, just beautiful! Isn't it satisfying to know you little ones, including baby button, are getting the purest food?! Lucky them,lucky you! X